By Stephanie Sparks, Content Marketing Manager

Employers today face an unprecedented labor market. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports more than 11 million job openings and two open jobs for every unemployed worker. With fierce competition for talent, what worked yesterday might not be the best solution for employers today.

Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) offers a way for organizations to outsource or transfer some or all of their recruitment process to an external partner. RPO providers offer an already established network of engaged, qualified talent and know-how to find the best candidates for even the hardest to fill roles.

By offering a dedicated, scalable team of highly skilled recruiters that can adapt effectively to fluctuating business conditions, recruitment process outsourcing can support companies that find it challenging to keep up with market shifts. Before examining two specific types of RPO services — end-to-end and project recruitment — let’s examine some of the top benefits of RPO in a tight labor market.

Examining Four Key Benefits of RPO

  • Speed of process: Hiring right now is all about speed. Working with a recruitment process outsourcing provider enables faster sourcing and screening, and helps move candidates and hiring managers through the process more quickly and efficiently.
  • Stronger sourcing: RPO providers offer extensive expertise on how to maximize candidate sourcing efforts. This includes optimizing sourcing on LinkedIn and Indeed, and recruiting candidates directly. Working with an RPO provider gives employers access to more tools, is more cost effective, and leads to more impactful results.
  • Dedicated focus on the recruitment process: Internal talent acquisition teams can easily be interrupted or distracted by other initiatives. RPO providers offer a laser-focused, dedicated team of recruiters, sourcers and hiring professionals that recruit on behalf of your organization and solve major challenges in your hiring process.
  • Strategic market research and competitive intelligence: RPO providers offer a wealth of recruiting data and intelligence that can help organizations determine where they can improve their hiring process. With access to innovative recruitment tools and technology, recruitment process outsourcing can help employers deliver more predictable hiring and better recruiting results.

Exploring Differences in RPO Services

Leading RPO providers, like NXTThing RPO, offer expertise in finding talent across multiple roles and job families in a variety of industries to help companies better meet their hiring objectives. This can include end-to-end recruitment, project recruitment, front-end recruitment, or recruiter augmentation solutions. Let’s take a deeper look at the differences between end-to-end recruitment and project recruitment to help you understand how these services offer unique levels of recruiting support within organizations today:

End-to-End Recruitment

This type of recruitment service is also commonly referred to as full-cycle or full-service recruiting. It spans the entire recruitment process from start to finish. This means outsourcing everything from opening a job requisition to onboarding a new employee.

End-to-end recruitment involves working closely with the hiring team to plan and define specific roles, source candidates, screen applicants, schedule interviews, and ensure a smooth offer and onboarding process. RPO providers that offer the most efficient and effective end-to-end recruitment approach ensure communication is a priority and take care of all the details of the hiring process. This helps to speed time-to-fill, improve quality-of-hire, and enriches the candidate and hiring manager experience.

At NXTThing RPO, we offer leading end-to-end recruitment services, taking on everything from opening a job through onboarding. We schedule interviews, communicate clearly with the candidate and the hiring manager, screen talent for technical skills, cultural fit, and more. And through it all, we move fast to minimize candidate attrition.

Project Recruitment

Sometimes organizations do not need to fully outsource their entire recruitment process, and need support only in one location, in one region, in one division, or just need support recruiting for a specific job function. Project recruitment enables companies to address their specific professional-level hiring needs and outsource recruitment for more urgent or tailored recruitment projects.

By leveraging project recruitment, companies can rely on an RPO provider to step in, ramp up quickly, and find specific roles needed to fill professional-level vacancies. Typically, companies that use project recruitment need to free up internal talent teams and take the burden off of recruiters in finding specific roles.

Whether a company is facing organizational transformation, is scaling up in new locations, or is growing rapidly to support a division, project recruitment can speed the hiring process and rapidly deliver the right number of qualified candidates based on specific timeframes. No matter what your need, NXTThing RPO can support your company’s specific project recruitment needs. From big to small, expansive to focused, tomorrow or next quarter, we stand ready to provide our unique blend of innovative technology, personal connections, and creative solutions to get your business the results it needs to thrive.

Find Out More About Our Flexible Recruitment Offerings

Finding exceptional talent is our focus. But we know that every organization is different. We listen to your challenges and goals, then build a customized recruitment solution for your unique situation. Our flexible RPO offerings are designed to provide the right level of support, whatever your needs may be.

If you are ready to improve your recruiting results, especially in an unprecedented labor market, NXTThing has a customizable solution to adapt to your unique needs. Learn more about our approach to recruitment process outsourcing by speaking with our experts today.