NXTThing RPO is counting down to LEAP TA: Manufacturing, June 5 – 7 in Atlanta. And we know leading talent acquisition professionals like you are, too.

LEAP TA: Manufacturing empowers talent acquisition leaders to network, exchange, and connect on ideas for tackling the challenges and opportunities of recruiting in the manufacturing industry right now.

This year, NXTThing RPO is an Expertise Sponsor. And as a 2023 partner, here are the top things we are looking forward to most.

#1: The Incredible Speaker Lineup

From Kathryn Purdy, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition at PepsiCo to Dionne L. Mack, Senior Director of Global Diversity & Inclusion at Brooks Automation, this is a stacked list of industry heavy hitters.

More than 20 talent leaders will present during the event, covering topics from redesigning your recruitment process to re-engaging your existing workforce to avoid high turnover. This forum offers an opportunity unlike any other to learn from others and position yourself as a leader in manufacturing TA.

Bonus: Terry Terhark, Founder & President, NXTThing RPO, is presenting.

#2: The Actionable Insights

With this many TA thought leaders at one conference, innovative solutions and strategies will be everywhere. More than 18 case studies and other thought leadership content will be presented across three main session types: discover, develop, and action sessions.

Terry Terhark’s session, for example, will explore labor market impacts and insights, giving you a competitive edge in manufacturing recruitment. Expect details on:

  • The pressure and labor market conditions for recruiting within the manufacturing space, including hourly workforce and salaried positions
  • Tools and techniques for positioning your company as a leader to capture the talent that you seek
  • Case study examples of how manufacturing firms have differentiated themselves in a crowded recruiting market

All of this incredible insight will be followed up with a development session, complete with a Q&A from Terry and other presenters on the topic.

Further discovery sessions include:

  • Boosting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the manufacturing sector
  • Reimagining employee benefits to attract and retain a loyal workforce
  • Engaging your existing workforce and onboarding the next generation

Events like this create opportunities to hear from some of the most admired talent acquisition leaders in the industry, sharing stories of how they’ve worked to solve some of our most pressing recruiting challenges. The insights shared at this conference will shape the future of recruitment, and we are thrilled to dive into some of the most progressive TA strategies revolutionizing the industry.

#3: The Networking Opportunities

The three most common titles expected at the event:

  • Talent Acquisition Director (50% of attendees)
  • Talent Acquisition Manager (25% of attendees)
  • Talent Acquisition Specialist (25% of attendees)

NXTThing RPO makes a point to sponsor and attend these conferences for one very critical reason: the opportunity to connect with other TA leaders. By sponsoring this conference, we continue to offer valuable insights into new sourcing strategies, provide cutting-edge technology and tools, and help other companies gain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving industry.

This is one of our favorite events for TA professionals. The interaction and networking at the heart of LEAP TA events are second to none, and we hope you’ll be a part of it.

Get more information on the LEAP TA: Manufacturing conference or register now to attend.