By Kelsey Moriarty, Senior Content Marketer

Most talent acquisition (TA) professionals will tell you that technology and recruiting make a great combination. And the teams that best align recruitment processes, human touch, and technology will find and hire top talent before their competitors. In a highly competitive recruiting market, some of the savviest companies are outsourcing some or all of their recruiting processes to hire faster and use these areas as a strategic advantage.

Partnering with an RPO provider like NXTThing RPO can help companies achieve their hiring objectives — offering scalable resources to fill open roles quickly and efficiently. And while there are numerous benefits to outsourcing the recruitment process, let’s take a look at the top 10 ways businesses can benefit from RPO.

Top Benefits of Outsourcing the Recruitment Process

#10: Hire a stronger quality of candidates with advanced technology

Today’s job market is ultra-competitive for talent acquisition teams, and candidates hold all the cards when selecting their next employer. An RPO provider can optimize the hiring company’s existing technology stack to find the best talent for each position and use its own proprietary technology to connect with hard-to-reach candidates. Access to automation and AI technology allows RPO providers to enhance the recruiting process from end to end, resulting in higher-quality candidates in less time.

#9: Reduced hiring costs

By outsourcing the recruiting process, talent teams can reduce spend on hiring activities and lower the overall cost of hiring new employees. RPO providers already have key processes and tools in place to quickly find and hire the right talent. This avoids a costly overhaul of the company’s recruiting processes, and it can even cost less per new hire than recruiting in-house.

#8: Scalable solutions for recruiting based on existing needs

RPO providers offer an already established network of engaged qualified talent and know how to find the best candidates for even the hardest to fill roles. This allows teams to jump right into hiring during times of peak need without a long startup time. NXTThing RPO even offers NXTDay launch, providing a 24-hour implementation period for organizations that need to ramp up hiring quickly. Companies with seasonal high-volume hiring needs benefit from RPO, especially those in retail, and hospitality.

#7: Shorter time-to-hire

As mentioned, RPO providers have access to a wide pool of candidates that are seeking their next opportunity. This means the time it takes to source, screen, interview, hire, and onboard a new employee is shorter than most in-house recruiting teams. This time savings can be a huge advantage for an employer in today’s competitive job market.

#6: Build stronger talent pools and pipelines

A wide talent network, combined with advanced technology, gives RPO providers everything that they need to quickly find the right candidate. They can use connections to match candidates with the right skills and experience to open requisitions and move them quickly through the hiring and onboarding process.

#5: Leverage recruitment services based on business needs

Anyone who hires seasonally understands that it doesn’t always make sense to have a full-time in-house recruiting team. Another benefit of an RPO provider is that their services can be used to scale up or down as needed. Gone are the days of intimidating multi-year contracts with a talent acquisition partner.

#4: Real-time analytics and reporting

Strategic recruiting teams will tell you that it’s not all about making the hire, but learning about the processes and candidate experience to improve hiring outcomes. RPO companies can work within a client’s applicant tracking system (ATS) or candidate relationship management (CRM) system to provide insights into the recruiting process and improve on metrics like time-to-hire.

#3: Assess and optimize recruitment processes to meet changing business demands

RPO providers can scale their resources to tackle all parts of the recruiting process. Based on the current hiring environment and the demands of hiring within the business, the best RPO partners can assess the state of current recruiting processes in real-time and design an optimized process to meet the changing needs of each organization.

#2: Improved stakeholder engagement and ongoing consultation

By offering a dedicated, scalable team of highly skilled recruiters and talent acquisition practitioners, RPO providers can offer expert recruiting practices, support, and guidance to companies. They can empower teams that are finding it difficult to keep up with the constantly changing market conditions by offering insight into candidate expectations, key recruiting metrics, and process improvements.

#1: Access to recruiting experts and real-time information

RPO providers offer a laser-focused, dedicated team of recruiters, sourcers, and other TA professionals that become part of your employer brand and recruit on behalf of your organization. These teams also ensure you have real-time information and data on the talent pipeline, requisition health, and other key performance metrics, including time-to-fill, quality of hire, recruiting efficiency, source yield, and daily activity to keep you in the know and able to report back to the business on recruiting effectiveness.

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