By Kelsey Moriarty, Senior Content Marketer

Today’s job market is highly competitive for recruiters that are trying to find and hire qualified talent from the same, limited pool. Many of the savviest companies are outsourcing some or all of their recruitment process to third parties to source, screen, interview, hire, and onboard employees. And they’re finding improved hiring outcomes as a result.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) providers offer a unique combination of industry expertise, consultation, and access to world-class talent acquisition software. They can leverage automation and AI tools to optimize the recruiting process and find high-quality candidates quickly. These tools give RPO providers a huge time and efficiency advantage, allowing them to help companies improve their recruiting and snag candidates ahead of competitors.

How Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Providers Use Automation and AI Tools

An RPO provider can optimize a company’s existing stack of recruiting technology to find the best talent for each position. They can also use their own advanced tech stack to connect with hard-to-reach candidates. Access to these tools allows them to optimize and improve the recruiting process at every step. Here are some of the many ways that automation and AI is used by RPO providers today.

Job postings

Automated job broadcasting is one of the many tools that RPO providers can use to cast a wide net in their talent pool. By automating this process, RPO teams can ensure they post to a variety of outlets to attract the right candidates for open requisitions, reaching a huge, diverse network of potential employees.

Interview scheduling

One of the most time-consuming tasks of the recruiting process is trying to manually schedule interviews with hiring teams and candidates. RPO providers can leverage automation and AI to automatically schedule interviews and screening calls for candidates and hiring managers, allowing them to choose their available times and ensuring they can connect with candidates faster.

Candidate screening and skill matching

Any recruiter will say that finding qualified candidates with the right skills and experience can feel impossible. AI software helps RPO providers to match the right candidates with role requirements like skills, certifications, experience, degrees, licenses, and more. This saves valuable time in the sourcing and screening processes and gets qualified candidates in the door quickly.

Talent network engagement

As mentioned before, RPO providers have wide talent networks that are actively engaged and open to the right opportunities. They can use automated messaging tools to interact with potential applicants and candidates to provide information, share new job openings, and answer questions.

Internal feedback/collaboration

One of the benefits of partnering with an RPO provider is their ability to connect teams and add efficiency to their processes. They can optimize internal communication and make it easier for hiring teams to provide feedback on candidates. This helps shorten feedback loops and improves hiring outcomes.

How Automation Benefits Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Those are just some of the many ways that RPO providers use automation to enhance and optimize the recruiting process. But let’s dive into why these teams choose to use automation and AI in their hiring strategy. Here’s how RPO providers can help organizations benefit from this technology.

#1: Improving candidate, recruiter, and hiring team experiences

When hiring teams collaborate with RPO providers, they get a unique blend of human connection, innovation, and leading technology. This partnership can help companies improve the candidate, recruiter, and hiring team experiences by adding efficiencies and innovations alongside strategy. Automation and AI help save time and effort for RPO providers, giving them time to focus on the human aspects of recruiting that make the difference between finding a good candidate and a great one.

#2: Optimizing the recruiting process

Access to intelligent technology along with industry expertise gives RPO providers the advantage in creating the most effective recruiting processes. They leverage agile recruiting strategies that allow them to learn from past experiences and improve their processes over time — all of which goes into improving recruiting outcomes. Automation and AI tools help RPO providers gain efficiency in the recruiting process that they pass on to hiring teams.

#3: Increased visibility for key stakeholders

In-depth analytics and reporting software helps RPO providers paint a picture of data that can often be missed by busy recruiting teams. They can use current applicant tracking and other talent acquisition systems combined with their own technology stack to improve internal communication for hiring teams and leadership. This helps RPO providers build more efficient recruiting processes and find quality candidates quickly, while reporting on hiring metrics to key stakeholders like hiring leadership.

#4: Saving valuable time and improving on recruiting metrics

Automation and AI tools help eliminate manual daily tasks that take up too much time for RPO providers. This allows them to focus on the human aspects of recruiting, like matching qualified candidates to open requisitions and helping them through the hiring process. Saving time and maximizing efficiency allows RPO providers to improve on key recruiting metrics, including quality-of-hire and applicant conversion rate.

Learn How RPO and Automation Make a Great Pair

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