By Kelsey Moriarty, Senior Content Marketer

In today’s tight labor market, high-quality candidates are in short supply, forcing recruiting teams to compete for the best talent. Many organizations have recognized that outsourcing some or all of their recruiting processes can help their internal teams keep up with recruiting demands, but also to improve the candidate experience.

Leveraging recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is a strategic advantage for companies looking to support time-crunched recruiters and to better nurture candidates throughout the hiring process. Let’s dive into four ways that RPO providers help companies provide the best hiring experience and meet the needs of today’s job seekers.

How Does RPO Elevate the Candidate Experience?

#1: RPO ensures candidates are cared for, no matter the scape of recruiting.

A huge advantage that RPO providers offer is their ability to scale recruiting resources based on each company’s needs. This means as hiring demands increase in your organization, an RPO partner, like NXTThing RPO, can dedicate the right number of recruiters required to ensure candidates are properly communicated with and nurtured throughout the entire process. Caring for candidates is a hallmark of RPO no matter the volume of hires you are looking to fill.

In a market where qualified candidates are hard to find, streamlining candidate communication and engagement is everything. Job seekers expect quick responses from recruiters and need to know the next steps in the hiring process. RPO reduces time to hire by delivering a solution that can scale and grow with your business. This ensures that candidates are treated with respect, develop real personal connections with recruiters that reflect your employer brand, and do not spend valuable time waiting during each stage of the process.

#2: RPO providers have the experience, personal connections, and expertise to attract and nurture even the most specialized candidates.

Top RPO partners like NXTThing have a diverse network of qualified candidates that are already engaged and looking for the next right opportunity. With expansive knowledge of recruiting across various industries, RPO providers can easily connect with candidates in roles that are often difficult to fill. RPO providers can leverage the latest technology, including AI and automation, to easily engage candidates and screen them for roles. This helps speed time to hire and ensure specialized candidates receive the best experience in their talent journey.

Understanding each industry, and your company’s needs for finding specific talent, gives RPO providers the advantage of finding and nurturing the right candidates based on skills, training, certifications, degrees, and other requirements that can sometimes be difficult for in-house recruiters. RPO easily combines innovation with human connection and deep domain expertise to nurture candidates and build robust talent pipelines. RPO providers can not only help find the right candidates, but also provide them with a seamless experience that entices them to apply for future positions at your company.

#3: Improved candidate engagement and recruiter response rates.

Recruitment process outsourcing is also an effective way to ensure strong connections with candidates during critical stages of their journey. Communication with applicants early in the process is crucial to the candidate experience, and slow or ineffective experiences can quickly turn away promising applicants. Today’s job seeker is not waiting around for a week to hear back from a recruiter. Sometimes, by the time you’ve responded, they’ve already been scooped up by another company.

RPO ensures that candidates quickly receive information, get answers to their questions, can easily schedule interviews, receive offer packages quickly, and even have a smooth onboarding experience. This keeps job seekers engaged and moving quickly through the hiring process.

#4: RPO ensures continuous data and analytics for real-time process improvement and reporting key stakeholders.

One key advantage of outsourcing all or part of your recruitment process is that you have access to critical hiring metrics that can inform where any improvements can be made to the candidate experience. RPO providers can help take candidate engagement data and turn them into actionable insights for better nurturing and connecting with top talent. With in-house recruiting teams often overwhelmed by their workload, RPO offers a way to leverage data that becomes usable for a better, more enriching candidate experience. RPO providers can access and report on key recruiting metrics to company stakeholders and even evaluate the efficiency of processes for areas of improvement. This allows them to optimize recruiting programs and ensure they are delivering the best candidate experience possible to elevate your employer brand.

Learn More About How Recruitment Process Outsourcing Improves the Candidate Experience

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