By Kelsey Moriarty, Senior Content Marketer

In the wake of the pandemic, businesses are facing one of the tightest labor markets in recent history. To help meet their hiring needs, companies everywhere are searching for creative solutions. Some are holding job fairs and offering signing bonuses to attract talent. Others are using part-time and freelance workers to fill open roles. And many are exploring options for third-party recruiting, including recruitment process outsourcing (RPO).

Unlike traditional staffing companies, RPO lets an organization transfer all or part of the hiring process to an outside partner. An RPO provider can leverage their expertise to improve hiring results, even when talent is scarce. They can even help companies improve their long-term talent acquisition strategy through training, process assessment, technology optimization, and more.

Working with an RPO provider can help to relieve pressure on your internal recruiting team and deliver quality hires with less effort — but first, you have to find the right partner. Let’s take a look at five of these considerations here.

5 Considerations for Selecting an RPO Partner

#1: Find a partner that can scale to meet your needs

As business conditions fluctuate, your hiring needs may change — sometimes in the blink of an eye. The best RPO providers offer scalable recruitment solutions to help you staff appropriately for current demands.NXTThing RPO offers an innovative, on-demand, accelerated model that lets you scale up or down quickly, according to your business needs. Our flexible RPO offering is designed to provide the right level of support, whatever your needs may be, including:-

  • End-to-end recruitment: We do everything from opening a job through onboarding, and we move fast to minimize candidate attrition.
  • Project recruitment: We provide hiring support for a single location, region, or division — or assistance with a particular job function.
  • Front-end recruitment support: Our team conducts preliminary sourcing and screening, then sends you high-quality, pre-vetted candidates.
  • Recruiter augmentation: We provide one skilled recruiting professional — or a whole team — to join your company for as long as needed.

#2: Take a close look at their technology and capabilities

Leading RPO providers leverage the latest tools and technology to find top talent for each position. They can work within  your existing processes and technology stack, while offering access to new and innovative solutions.

NXTThing RPO partners with leading talent acquisition providers technology partners like Jobvite and JazzHR, giving you access to the latest in AI, automation, intelligent messaging, and zero-click sourcing. We also offer our own innovative tools for social sourcing, video interviewing, automated scheduling, and more. In fact, NXTThing is the only RPO provider with an in-house technology product and development team.

#3: Insist on collaboration — and accountability

Working with an RPO provider is a long-term strategic partnership, not a quick fix. The best RPO vendors work closely with your company to understand your hiring needs. They tailor their approach to meet your goals — and they deliver the hiring results they promise.

At NXTThing RPO, we know that every organization is different. Our dedicated recruiters take the time to understand your challenges and goals, then build a customized recruitment solution to match your unique situation. We’re committed to delivering successful outcomes every time, so we set specific, measurable goals for each client. These include metrics around time-to-fill, quality-of-hire, and satisfaction ratings from both candidates and hiring managers.

#4: Make sure your vendor has deep, industry-specific expertise

Because RPO is a rapidly changing field, you have many vendors to choose from. Some are brand new players, while others have been around for years. Many specialize in a particular industry (like finance or technology) or market segment (like SMB or enterprise companies).

But none can match the depth and breadth of NXTThing’s experience.For more than 25 years, NXTThing RPO has been solving recruitment challenges for companies of all sizes, spanning countless industries. We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to reach the candidates your business needs. We’re ready to put our experience to work for you — and our 99% client retention rate speaks for itself.

#5: Ask about implementation timelines

When you find the right RPO partner, you want to get started right away. After all, you probably wouldn’t be looking for an RPO solution if you didn’t have urgent hiring needs.

When you work with NXTThing RPO, you can put the wheels in motion quickly. In fact, we can design and deploy a custom solution in a matter of days, or choose our NXTDay launch capabilities to get your services solution in place with just a 24-hour implementation time.

Learn More About the NXTThing Difference

At NXTThing RPO, recruiting is all we do. We blend cutting-edge recruiting technology with personal connection to find and hire the right talent for each organization. And our flexible, scalable team of highly skilled recruiters can adapt effectively to constantly changing business conditions.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and next-day implementation. We’d love to start a conversation about how NXTThing can help you drive more successful hiring outcomes.